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Hyogoro was extremely relevant this arc and he didnt get a farewell. If he cant have one than I dont think its weird Carrot, who was barely around, got one, plus Wanda and the other minks werent there either
You’re not wrong, but the difference is that we can at least assume Hyogoro got a standard off-screen goodbye and will resume his role as yakuza boss. Carrot got shoe-horned into a strange role for her character, and the justification for it made no sense. They invoked her inheritance of Pedro’s will, but Pedro’s will was to sail with the pirate king and for Carrot to see why his sacrifice was necessary. Nothing to do with ruling Zou. Not to mention that nothing about her character suggests competence as a ruler.
The story feels so upright after wano
Seems like kaidou really was the last pk contender after Roger and WB
One saga to handle the navy, imu, teach, shanks vs one saga to dethrone kaidou
Chapters are gonna be wild from now on
you literally said pre ts enel can beat YC1 don't walk that shit back
The fuck. When did i take anything back. Skypea Enel IS beating any YC1 with his presented feats there. The lightning clouds are useless in a 1v1 and he won't have the time to create them. Doesn't matter when El Thor is enough.
Can Kuma see the far future as a mindless cyborg???
With Zou there was a time crunch to get Sanji back, and with how long it takes to get back on Zuneshia it was perfectly fine to pop up
How is the time crunch relevant? You think they are sailing slower now with the full crew to help and Jinbe at the helm? And again, who would force her? the crew wouldnt, nor would the minks, hell even back at Zou Wanda was fine with her going with the crew, you think they would trust her as a king but not trust her decision to join???
"She contributed more than anyone else in enels defeat lol". Sanji damages enels ship so it stops moving . Aisha tells luffy where to go using obs haki . Luffy defeats Enel. Sanji saves nami who in turn rides luffy up the stalk cos she was the only one who could ride the waver and almost all of them were down
You're mentionning indirect contributions
She directly took Luffy to Enel so he could finish him. They both worked together to take him down in the arc climax riding a falling giant jack with lightning strikes everywhere
Idk why you dismiss as "uber" while at the same time remembering that only her could ride the waver.
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