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Seems reasonable. Although I kind of thought SHPs met Bonney on land. Then again, if they landed, that would be too big of news for it to not appear in the spoilers.
That is the slight scratch I'm worried about cause otherwise things are still fine for me
It's been a couple of weeks since the Reviere so there could be a variety of ways
Like if she lands in the area cause of Kuma DF, unlikely but possible
Or maybe she is on a ship and sails near them
Or she's stranded somewhere on the sea (like on a shipwreck or something, or little small abandoned island)

Cause I agree that if there was an island that's either seen or landed on it would be a big deal that would be in the initial spoilers.
Though if it does turn out they're at the next island and they're on land speaking to Bonney I'm inclined to give it the slightest of wiggle room and see where things are next chapter. And if things are the same then that's a place to call it. would be interesting if Imu looks like Luffy...

we need darker version of Luffy....

And what if Madam Shirley seen that the one who destroyed FI is Luffy but dark Luffy i.e. Imu?

Light Luffy vs Dark Luffy...
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He said already that he doesn’t want to be a hero in Fl.. Must be a childish dream..
forget FI, he even said to momo recently...he doesn't want to be treated like a hero...
the question was Lulusia Kingdom destroyed because they joined the revos or because Sabo was there? and he revealed Imu's existence?
I doubt that Sabo will die because of what happened . i mean Sabo is a logia and can for sure flee fast as well.
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