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Marco was one of the first membs while Kata was one of the first sons

Marco wanted first division commanders position and got it

Perospero+Compote had no interest in being sweet commanders so Kata took that opportunity up

Only thing is they’re very strong as is Sanji but Ssnji didn’t join first
And your logic becuz they joined the crew first. except for rayleigh, king and zoro I would say otherwise.
Bepo is a mystery though.


Is Perospero not? He’s more skilled than most his siblings and even has a higher bounty thsn snack yet still wasn’t a YC
Snack>> Pero
straight combact abilities.
It took luffy hours and nami combined to beat that guy down.
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Only if you read with your eyes closed
Opening my eyes would have given me even more disappointment.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
fucking what?

1st. Sanji's CoO can only hear women. Not men's footsteps.
2nd Why would Sanji exhaust himself by going invisible if he had no plan and and just happened to be lucky for prostitute appear?

Queen's neck is nowhere in the middle. When he stands, sure it's somwhere in the middle

but when he started running like naruto run, he extended his neck forward

This is such a stupid cope that somehow squeeking floor told Sanji where Queen's neck is and even it's heght. Not to mention the fact that Sanji was exhausting himself for no reason then if not for the prostitute.
That's how Sanji's extraordinary CoO feats were always depicted. So, take it out with Oda. Queen's footsteps were making a clear noise. You don't even need a specialized observation to figure it out to be honest although Sanji happened to have the perfect ability for the job. And the fact that Sanji's well acquainted with invisibility isn't helping your case either.

It's a stupid cope when you make up dumb excuses like Sanji went speed mode and exhausted himself to troll Queen like a dumbass. Be my guest if you wanna project Sanji as a dumbass.
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