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Chapter 61: The Demon
Sanji and Gin start to fight but their strength is equal. Meanwhile, Luffy attacks Don Krieg, but the armored pirate does not want a direct fight and, instead, pushes back Luffy by throwing needles at him. At the same time, Gin has made a decisive move toward Sanji, but when he is about to give the final blow, he stops himself in tears, unable to kill the only man who has ever shown him kindness.

Chapter 161: The Green City Erumalu
The Straw Hats cross the Sandora river, meet a pack of kung-fu dugongs, and Vivi talks about the Dance Powder incident occurred 2 years ago.

Here are your hintos :kata:
Bonney has a demonic personality but a kind heart deep inside
The Seraphims are Kung-Fu Dugongs
Who are equal in strength with sanji
And, no to Coby rescue mission.

I mean SHs are pirates and not some baby sitters going around saving damsel in distress.

Coby is a marine and navy should try to save him and not SHs
Be it we have 2 fight BB sometime right?
Y not this be the set up
Hopefully more info on Sword, on top of the Vegapunk stuff. This arc has me pretty stoked, quite a lot of potential for great stuff, hope Oda satisfies.

I hope both Smoker and Tashigi have progressed since we last saw them. I wouldn't even mind too much if they're ridiculously powerful, they deserve better treatment than at Punk Hazard, strength-wise, especially Smoker. Atleast Tashigi seemed like she was meant to be weak back then, Smoker just disappointed.

Vegapunk arc sounds promising. Shame if we don't get Elbalf but I'll make the most of what we're getting.
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