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hmm 30 is a big number, i dislike kata as much as the next guy due to his annoying fans but he has lots of potential with coc and fs
Wait if fs killer is a thing people with fs is only advantageous against those who don't know either of them
No wonder kaido never bothered to use it. and even if he did was just to show luffy he ain't alone in this lmao.
Or luffy still getting hit after fs was kaido teasing fs killer not a master just a user.
Unless Mihawk is Im's relative, I don't see why that'd be the case. Even if he's a WG's associate, what'd they even gain from killing Shanks besides losing the world balance? Mihawk refuses to fight Shanks and the Cross Guild doesn't even have enough resources to confront the Red-Haired Pirates. If anyone's killing Shanks, it's definitely BB.
BB might taken Coby only to go after Vegapunk :gokulaugh:
Write it. I'll believe you.
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Yeah, no. He's stronger than Shanks based on what we know so far but he's not that strong.
Let me be serious for once, it doesn't make sense that Imu has no protection whatsoever so her having a personal guard make sense. We can expect the world leader to have a personal guard composed of character stronger than yonkou by quiet the margin since Luffy already beat a yonkou. The film red kind of solidify my idea since the first thing the gorosei think about while learning that shanks has a daughter is "is she from the fearland family?".
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