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Tbh I liked the way Vergo was handled, and I enjoyed his blind loyalty to Doffy.
Doflamingo spent some of his few sincere words to thank his RHM, and Vergo died smiling.
Don't misinterpret my words, he was a piece of shit, but he was good in his job. And that is the thing I value the most.

Aside from Vergo a lot of the guys you mentioned could be SWORD...
Drake is confirmed SWORD Captain and Coby is his subordinate, which makes Coby a SWORD too... (?)
Garp TRAINED Coby, this means that he could even be SWORD leader. If that's not the case, he collaborates with SWORD at the very least.
Kuzan... he could be a member of SWORD but he could also be acting as a lone wolf fr. Better to wait for him.
As for Smoker, I guess we'll find out soon.

Drake done dirty? Yeah but also No.
I think community tends to overtrash him, considering what he faced.
Actually we don't know how sword is structured and it was never stated he was cobys captain. It said that drake was a captain of Sword. We still don't know what cobys function is since institution's like marines and soldiers all have ranks. They aren't simply called subordinates as a professional title.

Everything else you are 1000%percent correct on. Just thought that drake and smoker should have been done better so this would be more hype
This sounds plausible, given the description and Odas shenanigans too. I did see people joking on Reddit that Imu might just be a blob character like we've seen, with no actual design and just be a walking silhouette with eyes only, the ultimate "meta joke" on silhouettes and such.
I'd hate that with a passion personally but I know Oda would relish the idea greatly.
Shooting rays of light from his eyes and being a "smiter" match up pretty well. It also says he commands the god of floods.
No it's simply a side effect of odas silhouette silhouette no mi

Imu is likely a woman with some nice side tits
Wait until you meet her siblings
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