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Shooting rays of light from his eyes and being a "smiter" match up pretty well. It also says he commands the god of floods.

Wait until you meet her siblings
Yeah that does fit tremendously and honestly, the god of floods thing fits very well. Odas has been proven to take some promiment ideas for OP from a series called Adventure of Baron Munchasen and a certain other series too, I think it was a classic/very old cartoon or anime series about an Amazonian woman or something in the jungle?

We had "Noahs Ark" in Fishman Island which was underwater too ofc and Zelda: Wind Waker also had the storyline of a flooded world, with Old Hyrule (Wano) secretly sunken underneath the current world too! With all the Biblical references Oda has done, we need a reference to flooding the entire world by "God" or Imu in this case potentially. Imu is be Umi backwards which means sea in Japanese ofc and Namis name means wave too.

People said for YEARS that the water fruit would be too OP (overpowered) for OP BUT I have fought furiously to insist it WILL exist (Puts on a huge white moustache and bandana and shouts THE WATER FRUIT IS REAL!) but given the current power creep so far, what Imu just did, how BROKEN some fruits are now especially etc, is it really too broken for the water fruit to appear in OP? By all means, Kizarus fruit should be FAR TOO BROKEN for One Piece or even any series but Oda deliberately nerfed it and made it "less accurate" ofc to make it fit in the series and thus the same could be done for the Water Fruit too.

Plot twist, Imu had an ancestor called or their real name is "Flood D World" lmao or "Floo D World".

Hahahaha, I just saw who the "siblings" were there and guessed who it would be exactly LMAO! Wait, their colours even mostly the Vinsmoke siblings?! WTF LMAO?! Reiju wasnt even meant to exist originally apparently, she was gonna be another brother called Goji instead lol.

Smoker- df awakening with advanced observation and maybe a tech upgrade to his weapon
Coby- In the bb arc probably
Helmeppo- tech upgrades with haki
Sanji- Did he actually take queen's arm I don't remember? If he did then maybe some info on that and info on lunarian genes other than that I don't think sanji will get a powerup this arc
I like it.

Smoker: Awakening makes sense for smoker. A better seastone weapon makes sense. And better observation is great since he can dodger his Logan body like Kat.

Coby: if the arc is towards saving him he will get a buff. He already has 6 rokoushiki techs maybe even all 7. Advanced observation (not future sight) stated in the vivre cards and I think sbs. And he has armament hardening as stated in the sbs.

His next powerup should be haki related since I am one of those fre people that believe that Rayleigh actually was the on the captured him and that the marines were told the wrong info about it being back beard. However if coby is with blackbeard he is most likely getting a devil fruit which I would personal hate. A good devil fruit for coby would be the friction friction fruit. Thus it forces him to still rely on hand to hand combat while still giving him a boost. Also think will show signs of regular coC this arc.

Helmeppo: already think he has about 3 or 4 rokoushiki techniques,. He has observation and Armament hardening based on the sbs. So a great powerup for him would be giving his weapons a devil fruit.

Tashigi: needs the lord to help her. Jokes aside all we know is that she has basic observation a d very basic armament haki. And she has 1 rokoushiki tech. She needs a raid suit of some sort or have vegapunk experiment adding some powerful race to her genes lol

Sanji: better control of the heat of his flame
Well, if this turns to be Punk Hazard 2.0, I expect some of them or at least 1-2 to appear here:

1. The old man with helmet, beard and cigar (IMO he is Vegapunk, the original one).

2. The dude next to Rob Lucci (he seems to be robotic or enhanced... Like Franky).

3. The dude with the afro and cigar (he was the most interested guy watching the broadcast of Shinokuni and was even pissed when the experiment was messed up, like if he is some kind of scientist or something, but anyways, he has knowledge about experiments/science somehow).

4. Cowboy hat and headphones duo, they are clearly thugs, but IMO they doesn't know Luffy from the childhood like cover stories. Well, they seems to be at some short of factory/modern building when they show up, and we are probably at the most advanced island from OP verse... So there is chance that they're hired by the World Government, Vegapunk himself or aomething related.

5. Pointy ears guy, he could be also Vegapunk, because Oda likes to play these games.

So, guys, which ones/what are your guess?
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