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I don't expect shit from Redon anymore, dude just posts shitty reaction or hint gifs that make no sense, and either bitches about early leaks or comes up with some excuse for not providing a full summary

It's fine if he doesn't want to provide leaks, at least stop creating false expectations in that event
I honestly don’t care if he doesn’t post leaks it’s intimidating other leakers to only leak after he does that’s annoying.
Just realized.

Scopper... copper

flame + copper = green flame...


This is an awesome connection and discovery but Zoro fans will hate it ironically due to powerscaling reasons lol. Zoro meant to be the Rayleigh parallel/requivalent but Oden joining has already fucked things up in that regard too and its common belief Yamato was held off joining because she is stronger than Zoro apparently.

I'm still waiting for Zoro to get a solo fight vs a Yonko, especially Shanks ideally to see how he fares vs a Yonko like Yamato did and thus how he compares to her but hes gonna get much stronger as he continues with the SHs, whereas Yamato is stuck in Wano and probs wont get much stronger offscreen and sitting in Wano unless she joins the SHs later as she should lol. Unless Wano keeps getting invaded by strong invaders and thus giving her free training and powerups potentially.
We get spoiler no matter what you act like he’s the creator of one piece
He is doing something illegal and you treat him like a god
I never said hes a god but at least hes not a fraud like you either. We do get spoilers from him eventually or from others at least but would it kill you to try to have some maturity and respect for once?

Or would you rather keep crying about silly thigs including Teslas, McDonalds, park swings breaking and such?

I guess its silly of me too to try to expect basic human decency from a place like here too in general.

Ironically because hes doing something illegal btw, is all the more reason we should respect him, hes literally risking jail time and other legal consequences doing this for us and for free but y'all love to trash him like he's the parent you hate and blame for your problems. "Mommy wont give me my tendies, waaaaaa!"
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