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Then why are you crying and begging for it? The chapter comes same time every Sunday. There’s literally a clock. You don’t need scans or spoilers. So shut up with the hypocrisy. Like a drug addict who says “I can stop anytime”
R u stupidier

of crouse of drug is gone and never existed I can stop taking drugs but why would I stop when drug is still here

same with spoilering

if spoiler disappear I will do something else but it still here so why I am stop



𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓'𝖘 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖜𝖓
I never said hes a god but at least hes not a fraud like you either. We do get spoilers from him eventually or from others at least but would it kill you to try to have some maturity and respect for once?

Or would you rather keep crying about silly thigs including Teslas, McDonalds, park swings breaking and such?

I guess its silly of me too to try to expect basic human decency from a place like here too in general.

Ironically because hes doing something illegal btw, is all the more reason we should respect him, hes literally risking jail time and other legal consequences doing this for us and for free but y'all love to trash him like he's the parent you hate and blame for your problems. "Mommy wont give me my tendies, waaaaaa!"
Dude don't take MZ seriously lol. He's a grade A troll.
Do you think I should create a thread about this Discovery? :kayneshrug:
You definitely could, it would definitely provoke a lot of discussion and be controversial but I think its pretty cool too tbh. It does seem to make it more deliberate that Oda gave Zoro green flames now too.

Bro I’m not serious
I’m just simping about Cynthia
I'm just speaking generally dont worry, I'm not targeting you specifically.

Dude don't take MZ seriously lol. He's a grade A troll.
Oh I know, but I'm not in the mood for trolling either. Plus he meant what he said too.
Ppl really fighting over Lance:milaugh:
Who tf pissed him off this time???:josad:
Nobody did, the community malded and seethed when spoilers didnt drop this morning and kept attacking Lance and blaming him for it but Lance also provoked it by mentioning how whiny people were here and such so its not as black and white as one side bad only either too.

Idk if people were even aware that spoilers were gonna be late this time too or thats part of the reason they were mad too:

I hate it when people keep constantly ganging up on someone as it happens to Lance and me on here too. Theres a real mob mentality here and it doesnt make us much different to Reddit, Twitter etc when it happens.
Because he still risks himself to do so, y'all cry and seethe when you don't get spoilers on time like what happened earlier and attacked the fuck out of Lance again. Do you not see and understand the irony and hypocrisy there? Really?

Hes not a divine being and if he thinks so, then thats just because of people kissing his ass too much too and yes I say that ironically too but the difference here and I emphasise DIFFERENCE is that I just want him to stop being harassed so much and treated with a bit more respect, NOT WORSHIPPED and having his ass kissed but y'all are assuming I want you to pay tribute to him and be sacrifices, to be martyrs and kiss his feet, worship the ground he walks on and such

I even joking said/trolled recently by saying he is Imu. So I'm not kissing his ass as much either as some of you think I'm doing.

God you guys are dense. Thats the only reason I can justify that y'all keep attacking him then wonder why he gets upset and refuses to give info/spoilers and has meltdowns! "Wait, a person we treat like shit is getting upset and its our fault? Who would have ever expected that?!"

You guys are the one who KISS THEIR ASS beginning for spoilers, for crumbs of them, for hints constantly but fuck having any accountability/responsibility for your own hypocritical actions right? Just like how y'all keep ignoring you openly, actively bully him too?

You guys make me sick honestly, Grow the fuck up.

I saw the conversation with so many of you attacking him earlier like you did before and you genuinely have something wrong with you if you think you did nothing wrong there, that you were "justified" in any way.
The thing is, I can't respect a person that begs to be worshipped like some sort of deity, if by any chance someone posts spoilers before him he will throw a fit and not post the summary out of spite. If you're gonna post spoilers just do it as a selfess deed and don't demand anything in return, but if you're gonna post them because you like the attention you get from your worshippers then I'd be happier if there weren't any spoilers posted at all. Redon or not, the full chapter is always gonna come out on Friday, so it's funny to me how he's "risking his life" for something that isn't even important and makes no difference.
Thats the way it should be. Spoilers bring out the worst in people. All addicts in severe denial and behaving just as toxic as genuine addicts too. I've battle severe addictions for over a decade now so I can vouch for it from experience too.
yeah I agree, honestly reading some other weekly mangas I simply quit and maybe pick up when I remember they exist, but because one piece is so big with spoilers, I can't help but recheck worstgen for hintos/spoilers/raws :pepecry:

but if I was able to quit 4chan, I will be able to quit Worstgen/One Piece spoilers addiction
s-sometime in the future :josad:
Then why are you crying and begging for it? The chapter comes same time every Sunday. There’s literally a clock. You don’t need scans or spoilers. So shut up with the hypocrisy. Like a drug addict who says “I can stop anytime”
The thing is, I never begged for it. I'm just enjoying the justified Lance downplay.


(☝◞‸◟)☞ 𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙
OMFG YES! I LOVE that song and the movie its from too, Road To El Dorado ftw! That song ALWAYS felt like a One Piece song to me, that same sense of camaraderie and adventure like OP!

I've always joked Shanks and Mihawk are like Miguel and Tulio and someone actually thought the same and made fanart of it too, absolutely legendary person!:

Buggy and Usopp or Enel and Loki:

This is the better version of the song too imo, theres another version I don't like as much:


Similar vibes too:

u always out here with the best post on this site! <3333
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