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You do realise it wont. After this is the BB arc. Unless it happens in Elbaf....were not getting the arc.
Wtf are you talking about, who said we are going to BB after this.

You really think Oda won't do Elbaf after literally setting up the arc since Little Garden.

Little Garden, Enies Lobby, Dressrosa, and WCI, all of them have mentioned Elbaf.

Usopp said he wanted to go there and we all know he will play a major role during that arc.

Heck there is also that good chance that Urouge might play a major role as well during that arc.

Oda's inspiration for One Piece comes from a viking cartoon, one of the themes for Elbaf is Vikings.

I don't get how you and others can think Elbaf isn't going to happen, you really must be on extreme copium.:pepecopium:
but ceaser did
judge did
queen did
marines did

this isn’t about being a girl instead of a man, if oda intended for vegapunk to be ambiguous he should have used ambiguous pronouns
It's ambiguos only if you want it to be. if the world is told vegapunk is an old man, but vegapunk is a girl. that's not being ambiguos. it's called telling a lie. the "Old man" thing can easily be turned into that. it's not hard for oda.
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