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In before Miss Vegapunk for Nakama
@CoC: Color of Clowns After that pic reveal too, The VEGAPUSSY IS REAL!

I would be up for this "Vegapunk" girl joining but Franky getting Vegapunks tech as upgrades and being the scientist of the crew or so would feel kinda weird if she joins unless Oda wants her to be the de facto, ultimate scientist and thus have the SHs have the best scientist in the world in their crew? I did joke about Vegapunk being a nakama sometime in the past lol.

Hell it would definitely make up for Carrrot and Yamato not joining too, sigh.

SHs become the new MADS crew too? Nami is a "weather and climate scientist" as you could say, geography too maybe with being a cartographer and navigator, Sanji is a "food scientist" to put in a different way haha, Chopper is a doctor and thus medical scientist, Usopp is a botanist and counts as biologist or so? Plant science?

Still need a Logia too as well anyway?
Keep telling yourself that, when Zoro orders Lanji to stay on the ship's kitchen while him and Franky go and meet all these characters that have nothing to do with the n°4. :myman:
the only best moments Zoro has was when he fought mihawk, shocked arlong, defeated daz bonez being able to cut steel, took Kumas attack and his asure mode in enels lobby. they were all before the timeskip.
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