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Smoker's Stampede portrayal is generally comoerable with how Oda's always written him, even on PH when you look at the context of his losses and the other abilities displayed.
but realistically speaking he shouldnt be close to the level luffy is atm
but if they meet
you just know he will give him problems lol
There is Zero chance that this is what Vegapunk truly is….

There has to be some plot twist about it…

Greenbull and Fujitora talking about him said “old man Vegapunk”

Ceasar too was hinting to that too

Unless he’s like Orochimaru and took a young girl body as a vassel Lmao

which wouldn’t surprise me… but other than that.. I’ll say she’s a sepharim type.. and he’s controlling her remotely.. or something like that..

Zero chance that this is the true form of Vegapunk..
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