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CoC: Color of Clowns

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@CoC: Color of Clowns After that pic reveal too, The VEGAPUSSY IS REAL!

I would be up for this "Vegapunk" girl joining but Franky getting Vegapunks tech as upgrades and being the scientist of the crew or so would feel kinda weird if she joins unless Oda wants her to be the de facto, ultimate scientist and thus have the SHs have the best scientist in the world in their crew? I did joke about Vegapunk being a nakama sometime in the past lol.

Hell it would definitely make up for Carrrot and Yamato not joining too, sigh.

SHs become the new MADS crew too? Nami is a "weather and climate scientist" as you could say, geography too maybe with being a cartographer and navigator, Sanji is a "food scientist" to put in a different way haha, Chopper is a doctor and thus medical scientist, Usopp is a botanist and counts as biologist or so? Plant science?

Still need a Logia too as well anyway?
This series has devolved into too much "Luffy punches big boss, big boss okay. Luffy punches big boss harder, big boss is not okay. Luffy punches big boss SUPER HARD, big boss defeated.

Hopefully Vegapunk powers up the characters that are more intelligent, like Nami, Chopper, and Usopp, who are also generally weaker.

Even if she already has Zeus, I'd love to see the Clima-tact be upgraded by eating a Devil Fruit. Maybe a Paramecia that causes rain?


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Let me guess, one of them is the real Vegapunk and we have to guess who and maybe even Caesar talked to a mere android unaware its not the real one.
The question is if there is a real one anymore or not. If he was able to mirroring his mind into androids, the real one could be already dead since a long time and only the androids with an hivemind exists anymore.
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Luffy: Who’s that? She came out of the ocean!

Bonny: Cough cough ugh

Bonny: Who!? I’m safe… wait where’s the monster!?

Bonny: It’s still there below!! Look down!!

Nami: Good, she seems ok!

Zoro: Oi, where are Luffy and the others going??

Franky: The kid is shouting something!

Sanji: She said look down!
another great showing of sanji’s observation haki another confirmation he actually hears like enel not just sense

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So is this a confirmation that Smoker is actually a member of Sword? Tashigi is openly talking with Sword members, which would imply that Smoker himself is one of them.

Also, Smoker should officially be commanding G5 right?
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