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Vegapunk likely has multiple forms, the hot girl is Punk 02. I can see a middle aged man being Punk 01 and his base form, and probably a a genius kid version Punk 03 (Inspired by detective Conan and child emperor from OPM series)
Luffy is yanko now but quarter of his crew is fodder compared to others..
Specifically weakling trio and their portrayal at wano against flying 6...
Vegapunk technology can greatly improve their stats to catch up with other commanders..

Chopper = Drug which can get ride of after effect of rumble ball.
Usopp = Upgraded Cabuto
Nami = Upgrade of clima tact . Fusion with Zeus
Franky = Upgraded version of geral Franky
Possible genetic modification for Sanji and Luffy
also Upgrade for Sunny
Also possible someone from crew getting DF or DF infused weapon
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