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I mean, all of the character can't be gods that get magic power ups that save them from death.

Nami and Usopp are tactical fighters, and Chopper is a doctor, first and foremost. It makes no sense for them to learn nothing from Vegapunk, if they ally with him. Do you want Chopper, Usopp, and Nami to stay this weak?
You're right but it really feels like Vegapunk is delivering power-ups to the entire world for the final saga. First the overpowered Seraphins, soon Smoker could be back way stronger and now the weaklings of the crew may get their own stuff upgraded too. Anyway, it's a bit silly to jump to conclusions this quickly. So I'll just back off from here I guess
The Vegapunk cheat code is triggered then ? Everyone gets a random power-up would be lazy writing to be honest. Of course it's Franky's arc, but Nami, Chopper and Ussop should just work on their own stuff. Soon we'll even get better genetics for Sanji...
Franky will get a new super fighting robot
Nami - Eh idk
Usopp - He May get a devil fruit for his kabuto
Chopper - Nah
Sanji - He won’t get a power up; at most he’ll get an explanation of his power that’ll show us his future power up.
I think there are several Vegapunk clones, he has build a defense system to protect his own island without much of the need from the mavy or minimal, and has clones so in case one of them dies one of his other clones will continue his research.
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