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Sanji would be an absolute fodder without Judges Enhancements.

If All Germa Gifts are taken off Sanji he becomes weaker than Pedro as his legs won't even survive Diable Jambe.

Like RIGHT NOW Sanji still is only a commander level character due to Judges boosts.

If Enma is taken away from Zoro right now, he can turn any regular sword into Enma as King of Hell is used on every sword.

So without Enma Zoro is currently still Admiral level character

Without Nika sperm awakening Luffy is at most low top tier

Without all Germa cum Sanji is maybe Veteran level character but he would lose to all the veterans.

Now tell me guys, what is the biggest boost?

@NikaInParis @Doggo
Can’t wait to see the clashes of
Luffy vs Smoker
Zoro vs Tashigi
Sanji vs Sword Prince dude who’s name I don’t remember

Going to be… so fun… (please just be a lore arc, only fight id care about is Luffy vs Smoker)
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