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I notice that Luffy always care for the worst characters the most. He beat Doflamingo because of Rebecca treating him food, he beat Kaidou because of Tama's hunger. Couldnt he just do it because of characters like Viola and Yasu instead?at least they were much more respectable characters lol.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Jinxed Maineframe.
We don't know if Zeus is still around because BM might be dead.
We saw Zeus with Nami in the final chapters of Wano, at least one panel.

Oda doesnt seem to want to explain it as usual but as I was saying to a friend earlier, since we know Boas fruit can cause permanent petrification even if she dies and cannot be undone by another user of the fruit, then maybe BMs homies remain after her death too somehow? The new user of her fruit wont be able to "kill" the homies and get the lifespan back? By this logic, Pandora, the sun homie that Carmel had which is identical to Prometheus should still be alive too? Or homies only live for as long as their given lifespans last for too?

Its fucking confusing.

This one is from 1050, but I swear there was a panel of Nami and Zeus walking in the capital after the raid, a more recent panel and chapter thus ofc:

I was thinking earlier about how much of a joke Hiyori became in the end as a potential love interest for Zoro (he had more moments with Sanji lmfao)

Maybe Tashigi finally makes some substantial progress with Zoro, not necessarily just romantically but in their overall bond as sword-lovers, rivals whatever
(Tashigi sees Enma, and glares at Zoro): "Where do you keep getting all these amazing swords?!?!"
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