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The Road To Harmony
Coby is still a Captain, Tashigi is lucky if Oda has her keep pace with him, ahead of him seems unlikely.
I don't think it's necessary for Tashigi to be stronger than someone else. What matters is that she is strong in her own right and that there is some pay off in her journey as a swordswoman. Unlike Zoro, she's not trying to be the best, but rather proving her own worth in a male dominated sphere while trying to live up to her sense of morality.
So Oda thinks he’s gonna finish OP in 3 years despite having to do Elbaf, Laugh Tale, Final War, and now he’s adding a Vegapunk arc on top of it (not to mention any other curveball arcs he decides to add)? This arc probably won’t be that long, but it will probably be at least 20 chapters
I think it last for 15 chapters max.I really think this will be a very short arc.
Ceaser tried to prove himself to be better than Vegapunk he wasnt. Queen tried to prove himself to be better than Judge he wasnt. I am glad we basically got Franky's mentor(studied Vegapunks works) on this next arc or the last genius i think.
Gah, would have loved for Nami to tag with Luffy and Jinbe, Nami has a great chemistry with Jinbe and I'd like to see it develop more. Would have liked to see Jinbe and Zoro interact more too. Basically Jinbe and the OG3 lol.

Though Vegapunk is cool, and were gonna see Smoker again which is awesome. We'll definitely get some Joyboy lore from this arc too. Pretty excited!
Oda literally gave off screen power ups to Law, and Kidd. Its possible she got promoted for rescuing the kids, and smoking out the traitor. We don't know what she has been up to after delivering the children. You can invent some stuff like she was training against the Seraphim Mihawk which made her exponentially tougher like how Zoro trained against the Humandrills mimicking Mihawk.

Oda has to live up to the promise that she will be stronger, and he better think we are not amnesic...

If she trained with seraph mihawk that would be so dope
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