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Fucking Helmeppo is thinking to defeat a freaking Yonko using a bunch of Seraphims :milaugh:
Based on portrayal from the new pacifistas he may be right in thinking so
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Probably something else happened that they haven't talked about. "expect the unexpected" nothing unexpected has happened yet
The unexpected is that coby is actually fine. And got orders to do what he doing. So sword is gonna get into something they needed not to get into
But thing is since PH, she was only taking care of children and was traveling to find Vegapunk. She didn't train whatsoever any powerjump is just too much BS.

We shouldn't expect Tashigi to shine in fights lol.
Taking care of children can make a person a lot stronger and i am talking from personal experience 😂.
For real though, if we talk realistically you are right but at the same time Oda could upgrade her and everything would be fine.
Maybe she's is fighting against people who wants to take away the kids lol.
I would not stop believing in Tashi:kata:
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