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Zori would be one shot killed by it tho.
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He's is a brainless, illiterate and jobless peasant acting tough behind a computer.
Before or after 10 rounds of getting his ass kicked
Claims some one acting tuff types like a discord Mod :kuzanshut:

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Can we take the pedo talk to the ground floor:whitepress:
Accept who Sanji is
confirmed egghead = pank hazard version 2 but maybe it's the continuation of PH

- we have Tashigi & the kids from PH, probably Smoker too since he always with Tashigi.
- substitute Caesar for Vegapank, & Law for Bonney.

I think that Vegapank is making seraphims by doing operations on real kids to turn them into seraphims, & the kids from PH are his next victim, he will try to turn them into seraphims, while Tashigi doesn't know about that, so when she knows, she will ally with SHP to save the kids.
For second I was thinking since Bonney's true form of that of a child, that she might have been experimented on by Vegapunk as well, in some capacity at least, and that's how she will play a role in the upcoming arc, but that's probably just headcanon
Even the Japanese see him like that, that's why the Toei staff made him making creepy comments on Nami as Kid. He is just a creepy character.
Why are people talking about this.
In a non canon movie that had nothing to do with the actual mangaka

Even if it did then the question is why do you still support it?
And yet you just tried to shit on and incriminate the fictional manga character
Hm? My first comment to you was this here, I just joined the thread. I have no idea what anyone before me said about Sanji
Just your argument with the laws about Japan applying in a fictional world was hilarious to me so I wanted to comment on that.
Also I don't care about Sanji, and think this discussion is pointless
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