One Piece Chapter 1061: "The Island of the Future"

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The only one who can beat me is me
Why are people keep talking about this, its like YOU want to have creepy sanji scenes :whitepress:
Oda's gag sense. Sanji's creepiness might look light hearted in verse, but it doesn't sit well with most irl. Personally I didn't care much for the Sanji gags in Nami's body during PH, but a lot of people look at Sanji sideways because of it.

There's also film Z when Nami was turned into a child. Tbf to Film Z there is a double standard because if it was Nami or Robin having heart eyes for a little kid they find cute, no one would bat an eye.
This seems to be a mediocre arc with Oda repeating the same formula he has every arc. I really lost my passion for this series. How the mighty have fallen. Even JJK, Black Clover, BNHA many manga, anime, books, movies and shows are just not hitting it anymore. *sigh*