One Piece Chapter 1061: "The Island of the Future"

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In the posts where I just responded to you here just now. I've posted it twice now? They're hosted on Discord so unless that is getting blocked for you and thats why you can't see them? Very weird...

I've posted them onto ImgBB, hopefully you can see them now:

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That's weird. I can see it now! Good job. :yearight:
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This chapter sounds like the beginning of a new disaster.
After the never ending foolery by retarded cosplayer pretending to be Oden in last arc, here we have another retard who will keep pretending to be Vegapunk.
It won't be the same. Vegapunk is alive and on the island, unlike Oden who was already dead by the time Yamato "became him"

If this person really were just some nutty admirer, then the charade wouldn't last long. This isn't the case though since we saw her coming out of a huge robot and appearing to know a lot about technology.
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Hope they do get the 1v1. Zoro vs Fuji, Sanji vs Kizaru.

Jinbe vs Greenbull would be beautiful to me, I dont care

But there are also characters like Dragon and Sabo, idk if they will end up getting the admirals.
I think it will go like this:
Dragon vs Imu
Luffy vs Akainu
Sabo vs Fujitora
Kidd vs GreenBull
Law vs Kizaru
Straw hats and whoever else take part in the war will take on other opponents.Don't think any straw hat aside from Luffy can fight and win vs a Top Tier just yet.
Vegapunk! :stealthblack:

I'm looking forward to the Franky focus, his interactions with Vegapunk and what he gains from this arc.

Hopefully some cool Sanji stuff as well, seeing as he's the one who first name-dropped MADS, has a biological father as a member, fought another former member in Queen and like the rest of the crew is familiar with Caesar. I'm interested in how Sanji reacts and interacts with Vegapunk aside from pervert stuff due to their appearance.

Nice to see Tashigi again. I hope her and Smoker have progressed tremendously, especially Smoker.

Like I said before, I'm pretty hopeful as an X Drake fan right now. Sword is getting more focus and he's still an important member of that somewhat relevant faction so his involvement and contribution to the story isn't over.