One Piece Chapter 1062: Adventure in the land of science

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Good one.

The arc is defined, Cp0 is going after Vegapunk, The SHs are going to save Vegapunk and then he will reveal the truth about the DFs.

I'm also curious about what Zoro wants there...

More like a lore arc, and Oda will use it to promote the re-encounter of Lucci's gang with the SHs.
He was at least cautious against Robin with his gun? Here? Even though he is aware of it to be an enemy and they are in danger? Why are people treating as if its an ok behaviour?
This Is Oda changing his character.
After Time skip Sanji Is even more of a simp.
Also, he wasn't attacked or anything, against Pudding he showed how he can be careful.
This Is what Is cool about Sanji.
He's not Always serious like Zoro, but from that reaction he can become as serious as him.