Who's traveling with Kuzan in Tottoland?

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fuck the small spoilers, part 1: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-rip-jesús-quintero.5/page-24258#post-3521272
Part 2
I’m on the phone as if having a phone call, as if transported back from that gym dream. I am teleported into a barracks style room. There is a bunk bed. The mattresses are green. A girl from work dressed in bootcamp clothes asks to sit with me and we will guard the room, since that near the top bunk there’s a rectangular window with an M16 left alone she said we will guard it until the owner of the gun comes back.

We climb up and something happens (I slip, or she slips, or I moved the pillow) but it seems like nothing happened, probs just weird dream physics) the M16 flies out that window, FOV keeps changing around crazily. Suddenly the M16 is just a barrel and an ACOG scope, after it lands (it lands in a big rectangular room and a US army looking (diff than the work girl) girl throws it back at me, it’s back to an M16 but it’s like broken and RAIL part is out with the ACOG split up from it. I magically put the rail back on and start spinning the cog thingy that will roll the ACOG back up on the railing. More clips about killing betty. We jump down through the tiny window into the room where the US army girl was. It’s empty, big, white walls, grass floor, and HUGE glass window in front.

More stuff about betty. I am holding the gun. There are alarms and stuff, someone is talking to us through mics in the room.

It feels like a MONSTER is coming. We are looking at the glass window. Suddenly a small fruit bat and a human comes out. The guy is a scientist wearing white. He and the bat are fighting, and suddenly the bat lands down on his two feet like a human and starts moving and fighting like a human.
(thanks AI LMAO)
Suddenly something lands from the air (btw the area outside the window with the scientist and bat is like an ECO room with tress grass and flowers but it also looks open to the outside world, and it’s somehow day instead of night like it was in the bootcamp area before we slipped down the window). The bat and scientist are suddenly gone, like teleported out. then the MONSTER is coming. There are sirens, and more Killing Betty warnings. Someone (a voice of another woman from work) telling me I have to screw on the ACOG fast or it’s not gonna work, the gun is not gonna work, it’s not gonna shoot, it’s not gonna repel them! it won’t count! I am screwing it back on QUICKLY while watching the human-moving bat fight the scientist boxing match style. they teleport out. a BIG DOG has landed.

Suddenly a big bubble bursts above it and the dog is drenched in water-looking clear oil. It looks like a normal dog but very big. it’s the MONSTER? I shoot it after screwing down the ACOG (The glass window is not there anymore). Nothing happens. It’s like my bullets are tiny and the oil makes the bullets jump off of the MONSTER dog. We run away from there.

Suddenly I am transported back to where I was having the phone call at work. But work looks different than real life.

I get out from the room I was sitting in to a larger rectangular room. It’s big, there are people walking around working, talking, phones, etc. A big white fountain is there, and there are two slopes down in on side of the room.

I enter a room and there’s an old style TV. There are the same clips about Killing Betty, the spooky looking spongebob mom.

People in chaos, CNN Style disaster report. Nothing about a big dog drenched in protecting oil or a bat standing on his rear feet. I get out of the room and I’m curious and scared. Suddenly I feel like I want to escape that place. I am half lucid by this point so maybe I just wanna escape to wake up and get back to my world.

The two slopes caught my eyes after I look around and see no exit. Everything is kinda green, office, liminal space like green.

I go to the right slope and open the door. Everything is even more green. Green carpeted floors. Green wooden doors. Green walls. There are a LOT of doors. it’s simply a sloped corridor with doors on both sides all the way through, and there’s a turn at the end.

Some nurse looking like lady comes out of a door normally. Suddenly she starts crying and runs across me and out of the sloped room. I don’t dare to open the door she came from and keep walking down. Another door opens, again it’s the fat hybrid work-gym girl but now wearing a green polo and shouting and crying with her hands up, panicking, also running out of the sloped room. By this point I stop walking.

It feels as if like Killing Betty is coming. My heart is going faster. I run back up the sloped room and out the door. I am not where the door should lead me. It’s a rectangular room with one chair and desk in the middle. On the desk an Old School TV with more Killing Betty clips.

I run back out since there’s only one door. I check the doors in the sloped room. Every time I come out of the door I’m at the start of the sloped room(looks like a liminal space).

I keep popping up in rooms with a chair, desk, and old TV playing Betty clips. In one room she’s there in the flesh, like a nightmare fuel disney land worker costume. I keep running around in panic but the same loop stays. You can hear spongebob screaming. This keeps on for a while, and I’m half awake by this point. It keeps the loop and real betty keeps popping in from time to time. The news talks about the MONSTER dog with protecting oil. It’s killing people and crashing buildings - it’s huge. I keep running around the sloped room and then I finally wake up, tensed as hell.

- END -

Damn that took a while to add all the pictures.
Dream > spoilers
4 real I can't remember dreams that well

But wow

It reminds me of fever dreams with the jumping around
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