Who's traveling with Kuzan in Tottoland?

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Why do I feel like CP0 will ally with straw hats to take the other evil Vegapunks.
It’s one piece there’s always a trend when a villain comes back he/she always ends up allying with Luffy
so basically Sword , Strawhats, Bonney , and Vegapunkt vs CP0. well Luffy will again defeat Lucci.
Vegapunk and Franky team is gonna be the best one genius scientist the other genius engineer
-there’re 6 different Vegapunk because of how occupied he is with research

And he refused to explain further. :kayneshrug:

I used to tell this earlier too...oda just uses Science as an excuse to add BS....because that science only works for one particular thing.
The chapter isn’t even out yet and the arc just started last chapter.

Why are you guys being so cynical?? :parkcry:
First Ace, then Coby and Hancock and now possibly Pudding. Seeing that BBPs are heading out in all directions in different teams to acquire the fruits and other things required who else (related to the SHPs) is going to be targeted by BBPs. I think BBPs are the next major villain and there is the possibility that each (or most) SHP will have some sort of personal grudge against BBPs soon.
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