Who's traveling with Kuzan in Tottoland?

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Yoo did someone really tell vegapunk to be wary especially of zoro?:steef:
They told *her* to be extra careful of that creepy sex offender no 4, and Veganpunk miss was shocked to see how that offender was making weird facial expressions by putting his tongue out and making a lick lick gesture, vegapunk felt guilt

I think you have to be more ruthless to be a CP-9 than a CP-0 because CP-9 were secret assassins, so Kaku joining CP-0 doesn't change much for me as far as his character goes. But I understand where you're getting at.
I don't think so, CP0 pretty much covers every department of CP9 (assassination, espionage...) but at the top of the hierarchy, which means they probably know about even dirtier stuff.

Another thing CP0 does while CP9 doesn't is guarding the Holy Land and doing Underworld business with Pirates (Kaido, Linlin, Doflamingo...).
But tbf this doesn't require to be more ruthless.
When did I say shiryu gave kuzan any order? I bet you to quote my post saying this..

And, you bringing sanji and zoro in this discussion again and again clearly reflects your insecure ass seeing shiryu as Number 2.

Keep coping🤡 :pepecopium:
Burgess>>>>shiryu from the shit it is what itis
And lihawk is such a fool to
Not gonna talk about BB who bleed after gear 2 luffys pre timeskip attack
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