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Who is the strongest of these 3(Zoro,Law and Kid)?

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There would be no need since Blast Breath cannot injure Ryokugyu or any Admiral lol. Blast Breath can’t even injure Goofy the fodder and it may actually amp Akainu lol.

Big Mom dreams of fucking Pageone up this badly
Momo's Blast Breath would have killed Aramaki had he not switched to another plant in time LOL. And congrats, Doflamingo managed to slice off one of Law's arms... to which Law just reattached his arm and kept fighting.
and we know Chinajo has it, and who please think that Garp will not have it , and by the way in Dressrosa even Luffy's haki clash with Chijao was white.
It's headcanon for Garp until proven otherwise.

Black Lightning collision:

Diamante states its a collision of CoC:

White Lightning:

Nothing.....its just a CoA clash. Just like it was with Don Chinjao when Garp hit him with CoA. And just like it was with No.4 vs Queen.....2 non CoC users :cheers:
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