What will happen to The Invincible Charlotte Katakuri?

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What are the odds of Kuma being a Lunarian who had his wings cut off when he was a prisoner and somehow his fire turned off (or maybe the wings make it possible to make fire, without them they can't make it).

Or maybe he cut them off himself.
wouldnt he have brown skin then?
My point is that Kaido could have dodged, didn't want to, and Luffy defeated Kaido by overpowering Kaido's most powerful attack.

Kaido wanted to be defeated by Joy Boy, and did. Kaido running or dodging wouldn't have made sense for his character, but acting like Kaido isn't capable of dodging Luffy, or that Kaido couldn't have killed Luffy earlier, is ridiculous.

Luffy's strongest attack overpowered Kaido's strongest attack, but, does that mean Luffy is stronger than Kaido in a straight 1v1? No.

People who ignore the fact that Kaido WANTS TO DIE and WANTS TO TAKE HITS RATHER THAN DODGE when it comes to his powerscaling drive me crazy. If Kaido goes full throttle from the beginning of the Raid, the Alliance would have been fucked all over the place. Hell Kaido even have Momo a chance to save his ass at the Golden Kagura.

The only reason Luffy was able to defeat Kaido is because Kaido wanted to be defeated in the first place. If at any point during this arc Kaido wanted to kill Luffy before Gear 5, Luffy would have been DEAD.
Ok, that's cool and all but, I never made the argument that Luffy > Kaido.

Also, Kaido technically did kill Luffy before G5.


Kuma is one of the most intriguing characters in OP. Kuma isn't human, from another race but was the King of the Sorbet Kingdom, plus apparently Bonney's dad, Revolutionary Army member, once a Shichibukai and then Vegapunk's weapon. An OP devil fruit too.
Guys I have a theory.
Kuma is from Moon.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Yeah, the World government can know things the world doesn’t. As I said I consider it the same as the Level 6 prisoners, many more than just those taken by BB escaped impel down; but they never got updated bounties because the WG wanted to cover it up as much as they could.

The timespan between dressrosa when this shot came through and Punk hazard was about one day. So a day ago, Smoker and the G5 marines had no clue about Kuzans current situation which means despite the gorosei and fleet admiral knowing, it was not public knowledge
and why they now have changed the oppinion?This is for now a headcanon
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