What will happen to The Invincible Charlotte Katakuri?

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Lanji you are really using a moot argument.

Zoro had building of COC during all the story mate and haki has always been his forte.
On top of that he does have a clear place at eos..
three different types of haki
his forte was one specifically , armament
getting conquerors haki you could argue there is a build up to it given his dream
him using the advanced version of it 20 mins after tho is fucking convenient.

its not a moot argument
top fighters tend to have conquerors
so if oda decides certain fighters need it to get to the top and wants them to use it within 20 mins as well, I really cant complain . who knows what plan oda has for tony chopper
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You prefer to see big meme in erbaf or mihawk / shanks / teach / someone else
am on record saying I will quit op if she was on elbaf lol
Zoro has multiple hints of CoC since early in the manga, he has a real ambition that makes it consistent to have CoC, Law doesn't.
Don't be hypocritical.
law doesnt have ambition ?

you can tell this bloke cant read

definition of ambition: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
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