Did Sanji break his leg this chapter?

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Like hell lethality killed anyone in one piece. Ace and WB are exceptions because they had to die for the plot. Show me one other instance lethality killed anyone apart from flashbacks. And where it was stated.that Mr. Go is alive? Also, it's not like Ace died immediately after blood lusted Akainu fist. He had some time to say final words to Luffy. Same for Whitebeard.
Sbs 104 - Mr Go name is revealed and he is the one who sent G5 pic
Go survived and was conscious long enough to take G5 picture.
He is on a last breath. Not the first time.

about knocking them out. What Blunt Force Damage needs 10+ hits to do, Lethal attacks can achieve in 2 or 3.
Depends. Kaidou was able to OHKO Luffy but couldn't even knock out Kinemon due to bullshit logic of not attaching his body properly. Oda is ass for that.
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