Did Sanji break his leg this chapter?

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I hope none of you actually think that beating a Seraphim is that easy for Boa.....Serahawk would chop that leg off clean
it is the same...I mean if laser hits a person it definitely do a damage to that person but Hancock easily dissolved pacifista....seraphim is similar....they don't have brain or thought process...they are just programmed....
Expecting Mr Go to be dead is one thing

Expecting Sabo to be dead after that obvious cliffhanger is pure delusion
Well yeah but also making a great death scene that carries a lot of weight
And just basically going back on it sucks

No matter how predictable it becomes
I'm going to feel the same way
Cause it's shit
Also he already did the Sabo explodes thing
Like how can you do the same fake out twice

Like come on
Its insulting
Whenever Luffy & Zoro are separated from the crew, the strawhats are always in danger.

Against Doflamingo, Capone, Kaido & now baby Jinbei....lmao don't ever bring up that "left hand, vice Captain" crap next to this fiend of a fraud :milaugh:
And every time he save them successfully and with great moment against big mom ship against capone (please one of the best moment ever) doflamingo…actually yeah thanks for reminding us about sanji’s greatness ✨❤️
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