Did Sanji break his leg this chapter?

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So WG is stalling technological advancements the last 800 years .

it‘s like the WG got the Tools ,to suppress their enemies so they won‘t get too powerful an overthrow their order .

Remember when Frenky saw the Pluton blueprints the first time he said " he can‘t believe they where able to make that back then"

because they where way more advanced in the Void Century
WG made an complete reset ,even Knowledge of technologies were destroyed .
Vegapunk cracked the code ,he has become aware of what the WG has done through his research .

i remember Ohara now,where the Gorosei said Ohara has learned to much.
It’s the same with Vegapunk he learned to much about it .
Thats why the WG keept him low in berries because he came too far in the short amount of time .

History is repeating itself in the story right now it seems .
Different factions in the world are getting too powerful and WG want‘s them to be eliminated like 800 years ago.
That's actually an interesting thought... Explains why WG tolerates Yonko or other powerful forces that much; they rather want the pirates to kill each other instead of them finding out the truth about the world. It is quite self-explanatory since they had weapons which could easily destroy continents like nothing.

It wouldn't even wonder me if OP earth had a single massive supercontinent but due to the final war, this continent split into countless islands and a good chunk of it is now the Red Line.
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