One Piece Chapter 1065 "The Six Faces of Vegapunk"

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Caribou is grateful - or curses the zoro crew here?!?

Do i just think the translation is a little confusing in this panel?

He mad at them, because Zoro was telling them to get off the ship. TCBs translation is weirder indeed, because Zoro is just telling him goodbye, but I guess it can be seen as a sort of passive aggressive "GTFO" kind of thing?

Another translation at least and I think the spoilers had Zoro telling him to get off the ship directly? I can't speak on how accurate the translations actually are ofc though.

But yeah I think Caribou is mad indeed because not only are they kicking him off now, but they're on a government island and Caribou does not want to be dumped on a government island of all places as he said this chapter, its pretty much a death or life in impel down at least sentence for him lol.

(Loud sound warning)

Meanwhile Caribou:

Classic laser
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It's actually kinda fucked up vegapunk feels nothing about creating child soldiers. Like even judge had the decency to age his up.
Honestly it all seems like it’s going to end with the next leader of the seraphim to be Bonney. The daughter of the original pacifista, with the power to age living beings.
That's a pretty cool idea. I'd like to see train vs a Law one as a rematch and attempted revenge/redemption for Punk Hazard or maybe Crocodiles.

I wonder if Blackbeard, Law, Buggy, Weevil could all get Seraphims or only the original Warlords? The sheer potential of these are absolutely terrifying.

I bet we could even get ones on Roger since the Marines got his body and maybe level 6 Impel Down prisoners including Ace.

Imagine if we got a Xebec one? Lmfao.

Kaido is possible too as he was experimented on as a prisoner of the WG too.

I also feel Big Mom was part of WG experimentation like the Punk Hazard kids too, hence her size and obsession with sweet stuff and thus extreme hunger pang rampages too.
She might be another deliberately addiction induced victim like the Punk Hazard kids.
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Yeah the Marines captured Doffy crew at end of Dressrosa. They have Sugars fruit now too...

Seraphim Buggy with Sugar's df
My last, craziest thought at the moment:

Brook's outfit in this chapter foreshadow Law's death.


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Seraphim Buggy with Sugar's df
That would actually make Buggy terrifying too! Aside if he got serious with his DF and how dangerous a Seraphim of him would be anyway ofc! A fitting combination too...