Who’s a better villain?

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I still believe you get your information from other providers and pass it off as your own, but whatever.

Idk if @Un-amed would like to verify your discussion with them or not
He is getting nothing from me, im having hard days lately since im on my exams so i can not post anything or say anything about anything here, added to the fact that im not a provider anymore and i just post random spoilers mixed with fake stuff to cover myself... But anyways, he does what you says he does.
I wonder why zoro and brook even stayed on the sunny just for lucci and kaku to pass them

They're gonna do something eventually but still
I would have liked for Zoro or Brook to flash Lucci's shit right before he hit Atlas or another Punk and talked down to him about hurting a child.
Woulda been pretty cool because I'm not too fond of the idea of him cracking half of a child-cyborg's face even if it can be prepared relatively easily. I guess that's the point, though. To make you hate him, and then it'll be sweeter when he's dicked down by Jinbe or someone else.
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