Who’s a better villain?

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Luffy gonna destroy Lucci.

The real deal is the S-Kuma who even has the real Kuma's DF.

The real Kuma also is teleporting himself (to egghead ?) so maybe he wanna protect his daughter.
That was probably the only thing he has programmed left in him is to defend Bonney.

Probably how she escaped Mariejoa as well.

And honestly I really just don’t see a reason of reintroducing lucci just for him to get instantly low diffed.
I'm actually for Oda to bring them back and buff them up. Let's be honest, he probably won't be able to create antagonists as good as pre-ts. At least we're gonna see characters we like.
Fairy tail bullshit power buffs apply to villains too. Lucci getting stronger vs pushing now a top tier to a high diff while we were left in the dark as how he got that far, while we have actually seen what Luffy went through to reach that stage is an entirely different ballpark.

I don't give a damn how well liked he is. It's the same with Hisoka.
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