Who’s a better villain?

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Fairy tail bullshit power buffs apply to villains too. Lucci getting stronger vs pushing now a top tier to a high diff while we were left in the dark as how he got that far, while we have actually seen what Luffy went through to reach that stage is an entirely different ballpark.

I don't give a damn how well liked he is. It's the same with Hisoka.
He probably will clash once with Hakiless base Luffy lol. I doubt he's gonna give a Yonko a high diff
More like mutant inbred freaks

imagine eating a fruit with a 1 out of 10 chance to to get an ability only to be stuck inside a chicken’s ass for the rest of your life


BMPS >>>
Sounds like a tasty snack, id be jumping for seconds so I DDoS my soul real quick.

BMPs have the best fruits. Everyone has their purpose too whereas the Beast pirates is just a mass of fucking fodder that scurry around assaulting cunts and getting neg diffed :suresure:
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