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What if awakening gives Lucci a centaur like transformation, similar to Jack's hybrid. Feel like that would be a really good power up. He'd have the speed of leopard form, while still having arms to do his rokushiki.
He can do Rokushiki in Hybrid, that's enough.
Awakened zoans seem to have access to forms beyond the usual three. Like how marco can just turn any part of his body into a phoenix or how Kaido did this, whatever this was:
Lucci also had the ability to slim down. Awakening is the body and mind catching up to the ability. Crocodile referred to the awakened beasts in Impel Down as having abnormal resilience and recovery. No need for limbs to be transformed into Zoan form.
Honestly it was confirmed in his fight with Zoro tbh. Nose gun/Shigan and pasta machine as well as his giraffe worship were key highlights. Plus the Usopp mistaken identity gag too.

For once Sanji had the less weirder/crazier/goofier opponent lol.

Random side note btw, holy fuck these thread tags lmfao.
“I love giraffes”

That is honestly top 5 lines in the dub because of how the voice actor said it. Fucking kills me
No, that's just how those animals naturally are in the one piece universe. Like listen to what King and Queen said:
"the pteranodons of the ancient past hunted their prey just like this"
"This is what a brachiosaurus can do...for a normal brachiosaurus, that leftover material would be as useless as legs on a snake!!!"

Basically, Oda is being goofy and creative and making it to where the animals of the OP universe have unique abilities compared to their real life counterparts. But this isn't awakening, because they are just using the natural abilities of those animals.
That is only for the gag but we see that jack dont have it yet sasaki is awaked too with his fly body against franky. So sasaki queen and king and kaido (kaido with his drunken mode and so on) and marco are awaked in my opinion
Why is this thread still open when the chapter is already out?

Also, @Monster Luffy, this chapter presents yet again with the, er, "Best MC of Peak Fiction", but still the thread does not reach 200 or even 150 pages. How are we going to cope now? :feelscryingman::pepehands::pepemotion::peperain::pepecry:
So shit chapter from One piece can generate 100+ pages that another 'better' mangas can't even generate 50-page discussions. So sad. :milaugh:
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