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"muh [insert arbitrary category] level!!!!"
Are you stupid on purpose?

CP0 should withdraw at once after confirming who is there with Vegapunk. They don't stand a living chance to pull this off.

Much less when Vegapunk activates Seraphims

There is no reason for Straw Hats to pact with CP0 especially since they are after Vegapunk's head.
Stoic? He is a psychopath who said he only works for the WG to have a free pass for killing.

Arguably not with a haxed DF and a black blade.
and yet he still nearly died to Momo
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One of Odas scrapped Ideas. Just putting it out there for Lucci fandom ( which i dont belong to)

who's the girl explaining in the 2nd pic


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Y’all really thought Lucci would be weak? He’s one of the most GOATed fighters in the WG.

Why wouldn’t he have most of the advanced haki abilities?
Why wouldn’t he have awakening?
Cause he is fodder who lost to pre ts pre haki pre gear 4 Luffy?

He knew Haki back during the Luffy fight.

He was not going through Rayleigh training for the last 2 years but running away for the most time.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Viva La One Peace.
Kenpachi always the coldest mother fucker
Yeah for real haha. When you make him get serious or mad, thats it too!

He does remind me of Zoro funnily enough, even ignoring these 2 moments obviously lol.

I always felt like shit got real when Kenpachi got involved. At least until (TYBW spoilers) he got wrecked by Ywach (well it was Lloyd or Royd or w/e posing as Ywach wasn't it? Which made it much worse? And then the Sternritter girl squad took him down offscreen too?)

Kenpachi was always one of my faves in Bleach like Zoro in One Piece too. Just got that feeling of hype and reassurance when they appeared and you knew they were gonna kick ass and show no mercy.

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Why wouldn’t he have awakening?
Don't hope for it since Kaido and BM didnt even get awakenings as Yonkos and thus not even their commanders aside from Katakuri either. My slim hope is since we had awakened Zoan guards in Impel Down, maybe Vegapunk could have awakened Kakus and Luccis DFs for them somehow, I mean why did some random fucking guards in Impel Down have awakenings but not 2 fucking Yonkos and nearly all of their commanders?! Doffy had it but not them too!?

Fuck Oda man.
1068 A Genius’ Dream
Cover: Judge and Caesar continue fighting while they remember their days in MADS.

-Title is referring to Vegapunk’s dream of providing free energy to everyone in the world, but his research brought him to the mysterious ancient energy source, which is why he’ll soon be erased by the world government
-Shaka orders to release S-Snake, S-Hawk and S-Shark. He also gives the control authority to Sentomaru.
-Lucci used Rokuogan on Atlas, she is badly damaged
-Luffy and Lucci’s group run into each other at the end of the chapter .

so luffy vs lucci, jimbei vs kaku and bonney vs stucy. Get ready admiral fans we will be power leveling lucci to admiral level.



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:jackcopium:lost to gear 3 hakiless luffy, and its not like they had garp training him like rayleigh did for luffy
He was on the run for most of the timeskip until he somehow got back into CP now CP0.

If Luffy can't one-shot him like the fodder he is then it would be terrible.

We have more villains on the horizon. Oda should stop with the retcons.
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