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From what I've seen, most people rank EoS Uryu above Byakuya and Shikai Kenpachi since Jugram's an absolute power house of a character too and the antihesis is broken as shit.

IMO, Adult Toshiro beats him because freezing is a weird power to reverse on Toshiro. Not sure it'll even work since Toshiro can deadass stop abilities by freezing people.

Man, I know. Gerard is an absolute beast. Little bit of a glass cannon since he was able to be hurt and tossed around by Shikai Zaraki a tad. But his AP is nuts. I hope the anime gives him more scenes.
I only reread a bit. From what I remember, Antithesis main ability is swap Ishida's wound with his opponent. Basically swapping HP move. Doesn't sound that broken. It is not even transferring wound, it is swapping wound so if his opponent is injured, that hurts Ishida too..

Shikai Kenpachi is strong af. Gerald being hurt by Shikai Kenpachi doesn't make him a glass cannon. I don't think there is even anyone who won't get hurt by Shikai Kenpachi.
Lmao Lucci is getting low diffed by Luffy. I dont know what Oda is planning here by having them meet up. Unless Bonnie will double cross them and turn them into children or whatever. Luffy should absolutely destroy Cp0 by himself on gear 5th.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

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Keep in mind that Atlas was the powerful Punk, too.

Lilith had to stand down immediately in the face of Robin and Zoro, Shaka is using restraints on the Straw Hats, etc.

If Lucci knows how to navigate Egghead, it's not looking good for the rest of Vegapunk's clones.
Those are some really good points too. Very worrisome stuff to consider.

Someone suggested before, CP0 could target and kill/destroy York so the Punks lose their uh, what's the best word? Energy resource? They will have to feed themselves and need rest basically, their delegate/substitute or whatever to do it for all of them automatically and thus provide them food/nutrition, energy and rest as needed will be gone and thus losing their "generator"?
So they might end up depleting abd powering down depending on how things go? Especially if this becomes more of an attrition situation? A prolonged war that breaks them down eventually?

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Viva La One Peace.
2 more chapters for this year and then a WSJ break. Hopefully we get early spoilers as usual during it then too!

**One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for End of 2022**

*Week Chapter Leak Date
Week 50 1068 December 2, 2022
Week 51 1069 December 9, 2022
Week 52 1070 December 16, 2022
Week 53 WSJ Break*

The awkward moment is that the WSJ break coincides with an Oda break so we probs have an Oda break immediately after the chapter we get after the WSJ break.
So we get chapter 1071 after the WSJ break and then an Oda break between 1071 and 1072? If I'm correct?
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