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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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We already had Admirals being "arc villains" multiple times and they have never been touched.
Last time it was GB showing up in Wano and then leaving again lmfao
What makes you think Oda is gonna handle it differently now.

If you believe Kizaru is gonna get defeated on egghead you're admitting that you don't understand Oda's writing at all.
What....no arc has featured Admirals as true arc villains. Marineford was a showcase for many characters. Sabaody is a transition arc. This is a pretty asinine statement.

How do i not understand his writing lmao? I literally predicted this arc 2 years ago with with Vegapunk, Kuma, Sentoumaru and Kizaru all being featured. I made a thread this year talking about this EXACT content.

Apparently I dont understand his writing but an Admiral thats not like Fujitor is going to uncharacteristically let Luffy and crew go. My god it's fucking Wano all over again.

we need context he might only know that cp0 are attacking vegapunk and he want protect him .
Kizaru is aprt of vegapunk science group sentomaru is vegapunk body gard .
SO I dont see sentomaru and Kizaru not being the same side .
The issue isn't Vegapunk, it's Vegapunk leaving with Luffy. Sentoumaru likely does not know Luffy is here and Vegapunks intent to abandon the Marines. You understand?


How is Kizaru showing up and being the possible villain of Egghead a fanfic, but Zoro vs Kizaru with Kizaru letting the crew go for no reason is "likely"?

This forum is reminding me why I barely post anymore
Luffy was dancing around his attacks even before he got FS. It's funny how it is completely okay when Luffy does it but it is suddenly dumb when others are able to do it. Katakuri is special even for an FS user because he combines FS with his shapeshifting to fight more effectively. It's not entirely due to his reaction speed or FS or devil's fruit ability. It's a combination of everything.
And he got significantly better after he got fs
Having fs automatically makes you special just like rayleigh said
Zoro has an ability Kaido hyped, now what? does that mean no one could fight it? There are ample characters who could work around Katakuri's ability. King could be one of them due to his speed. Again, I am not confirming anything here. I am questioning your logic behind being so firm about rejecting even its possibility.
Fs significantly raises your reaction speed.
Neither king or zoro have any hype in that specific field that can compete with a fs user
FS doesn't make you react faster, it helps you react in advance. Yes, in a way it does add to your reactions but it doesn't make you physically faster. If two characters have equal stats across the board, then, of course, the user with FS prevails. It's a no-brainer.
We know 3 fs users
Everyone of them is significantly better then anyone on their level without fs when it comes to reaction
This is genuinely asinine. Did Luffy decide to die alongside everyone because he had to risk his body? What kind of fucked up logic is that. Luffy had no clue Zoro was gonna block it. Luffy didn't stop from reacting because he knew Zoro's gonna block it, Zoro blocked it before Luffy could even process the information.
Luffy could see the attack coming
Nothing stops him from seeing zoro blocking the attack
Luffy process wgat was going to happen before it even happened. That's what fs is for
And? He didn't say he noticed it ten seconds before Zoro. He only acknowledged it saying he too noticed it. Zoro told Luffy because he didn't look like he noticed it, which means they noticed at about the same time.
Luffy told him he already knew
Having a fast attack does mean you could react to fast attacks in the context I was talking about. There is an overlap b/w these two speeds when you use your own attack speed to counter your opponent's attacks. Blocking attacks with your own attacks is a thing in fights, so you react better in this context. Also, if you have a fast attack speed, you're able to hit people faster than you even if your reactions are worse than theirs. Your reactions mostly only matter when you're defending yourself from the attacks.

Whether you can land a hit on your opponent depends on your attack's speed and your opponent's reaction speeds.

Whether your opponent can hit you or not depends on his attack speed and your reaction speed.

This isn't how it always works but it is what happens 99% of the time.
They're still 2 separate things
Just because you can use them together doesn't change that
You don't have to be as fast as your opponent to keep up with them in fights. So this point is moot. If you're able to react to Kizaru, then you'll react to the people operating at similar wavelengths even if they're FS users. Let's say Luffy could operate at Kizaru's speeds thanks to FS, then his attacks are ultimately as fast as Kizaru's to which Marco can react.
Kizaru wasn't trying against marco
If kizaru was serious their wouldn't be a fight
Why are people assuming shit and hyping their fabs based on assump.....

I am on worst gen.

Anyway, the impel down jailors are probably people who can't control their dfs, the cloud thing(if true) is probably linked to control.

Oda could make a dozen explainations.
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