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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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Depends on the level of attacks. Normal punches of g5 are not that impressive. G5's highlight was its defense and raw power. BG with the only ridiculous attack. But we shall see
Problem is. We only have one character as a comparison. Fucking Kaido lmao.

Anyways considering the importance and level of G5 [above G4] we can conclude that Lucci is pretty fucking tough to get up from that.

Gol D. Roger

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But that's true.

CP0 and other WG Forces are and will always be weaker than the Admirals due to them being Crowned the WG's Strongest Force.

Therefore, if CP0 gets some decent Hype it translates even more for the Admirals, if they don't it doesn't affect them, because, like I said they are stronger, far stronger.

Plus, Lucci getting Awakening guarantees Admirals also have them.
No, it's not true. We only know the admirals are stronger than CP, not that they're far stronger. CP-0 was mentioned in the same breath as the admirals in Big Mom's flashback. So even if they're not quite as good as the admirals, the best CP-0 are the WG's best fighters after the admirals. So if they get humiliated, the admirals will get some bad points if you're gonna take points for CP-0's good performance.
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