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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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I think oda has a big plan for lucci because it genuinely does not make sense to introduce him after 15 years to job to fluffy in a few panels, maybe something like him accepting any form of power probably cybernetics to redeem himself

CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Holy fuck Oda brought Lucci back just to fuck him up this much.

Dude wants to run with his tail between the legs by the end of the chapter.

Never again I'm gonna ask for Oda to bring back Gin or Enel.

Acting like Lucci is close to Gin's power level.

But, yeah, we're at the point were Luffy will casually fuck up anyone who isn't at an elite level. Hopefully Oda can introduce enough elements that keep Luffy from being too overpowered.
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