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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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I don't tip.

Acting like Lucci is close to Gin's power level.

But, yeah, we're at the point were Luffy will casually fuck up anyone who isn't at an elite level. Hopefully Oda can introduce enough elements that keep Luffy from being too overpowered.
"cp0 are harbingers of dooooooooooooooooooooooooooom"

also cp0: loses to everyone and everything.
It's not that I try hard to justify all of Oda's decisions but sometimes after thinking about things after the spoilers, I end up rationalising these choices and I think this route makes sense and is somewhat appropriate.

Luffy must still hate Lucci quite a lot and those words Lucci hurled about chasing Robin down to the ends of the Earth were no joke so going all out, not because you must but because you really want to put the smackdown on someone you hate seems fitting. G5 Luffy clowning Lucci wasn't expected but I welcome it since he got knocked out. Plus Lucci awakening is nice. If he didn't get immediately decimated, I think there's an argument to be had regarding his standing compared to Commanders. Him being superior to Who's Who was obvious since Who mentioned him in my opinion.

I'm looking forward to the chapter and the devil fruit lore has me excited. Lucci getting up also means there's a chance he could face someone else later cause running with his tail beneath his legs would be disappointing. You're an assassin, go a different route to succeed, plus there was mention of destroying a section of the place so regrouping sounds fine. I'm still hoping for Lucci to show his stuff against another Straw Hat cause Luffy ain't to be played with (I mean, he'll go Tom and Jerry on you but only he'll be enjoying).

CP0 and Sword have been somewhat relevant while managing to take losses yet stick around. I look forward to what Oda will do from here with them (I guess more of the same old).

Lucci showed off awakening and got clowned on as expected but with G5 instead of with much less like I expected. Props. Luffy showed him respect by not showing him respect and going looney tunes from the jump.
So if they get humiliated, the admirals will get some bad points if you're gonna take points for CP-0's good performance.
This conclusion is entirely dependent on:
We only know the admirals are stronger than CP, not that they're far stronger. CP-0 was mentioned in the same breath as the admirals
We know Admirals > CP0. We don't know the actual difference so how exactly is that points of the Admirals when an inferior force is being defeated by the power that Luffy used to defeat the strongest Yonkou ?

Oda could've easily brought Kizaru and have Luffy done to him what he has done to Lucci. There's a reason the Admiral was held back again....and sooner rather than later most people here will have to inevitably accept this.
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