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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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Holy fuck Oda brought Lucci back just to fuck him up this much.

Dude wants to run with his tail between the legs by the end of the chapter.

Never again I'm gonna ask for Oda to bring back Gin or Enel.
People put your stocks in coby.

Coby is the only one oda isn't having take big L's in the new world. Hell dude had him captured by black beard a collector of OP fruits just so the dude can get one.

Oda shat on Smoker

Then shat on xdrake

And has now shat on Lucci

All to make coby a powerhouse. It's clear writing
The marine fans in this thread.
Well it's an L imo. But that was expected. I don't see what marine fans get from denying Lucci L.

But, if i was a super fan of lucci or something, i could argue...

Luffy used his latest best strongest power up right away. And even though he ko'd lucci, lucci recovered quickly.
And, Lucci has an awakening when even Kaido doesn't have one.

etc etc...

The point is, trying to spin this as an Admiral L will only come back at the Yonko fans. Luffi is almost guaranteed to fight an Admiral. And it won't be a low diff or mid diff.
Hopefully in the next chapters Oda surprises us by having Kizaru refuse to listen to Akainu this time and pull up on the SHs with some VAs (Onigumo and Doberman). His nephew sides with him with most of the Seraphs and we get the crew in some real trouble.
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