Which character is stronger ?

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Lol bum has awakening but still gets ass kicked by casual Zoro.

King uses Kaku to wipe his ass. Giving awakening to these bums is a huge writing L from Oda. Imagine King being awakened... or fucking Kaido lol.

Fuck it, I just wanna see awakened Jack.
Oda gave them awakening and they still not that powerful while he never gave Kaido and BM and they were still monstrous and among the strongest in the series… there are levels to this.


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@Mr. Reloaded seeing Eten's sig with you saying "I wanna bang Wanda okay" on the Spoiler Images and Summary Thread is sending me, man, I just can't. I forgot it was there, read it, and was like, "What the fuck?" before remembering why it was there.
think of every twitter user, reddit user, and users here checking the spoiler thread :gokulaugh:
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