Which character is stronger ?

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Pepebusi Spammer
1072 Weight of Memories
Cover: Queen, Judge and Caesar are making weapons
- flashback: Vegapunk explains that Kuma’s power is to turn nonphysical things into physical ones, like what he did with Luffy’s pain
-Kaku uses his awakening against Zolo, but Zoro overpowers him
-Stussy is revealed to be the clone of a former Rocks member

CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Dude Oda wtf is this shit.
Like seriously, we had a full crew of zoan members and three calamity, none of them HAD AWAKENING BUT FUCKING KAKU AND LUCCI HAVE THEM??
FUCK EVEN KAIDO DIDN`T HAD THEM, do you really want to fuck me up, fuck this shit Oda...

Let fly to Japan, who joins me?
@Hanzo hattori , @MonsterKaido , @EtenBoby , @Sasaki Kojirō , @TheAncientCenturion
We know Vegapunk has been studying Awakenings and Devil Fruits.

It's possible his knowledge allowed CP0 to Awaken earlier than they normally would have.

I am still convinced that Kaido had Awakening, though. It would be ridiculous if he had another form after all the stuff we saw in Wano.

Dumb as hell the Calamities didn't have it, though.
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