Which character is stronger ?

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Dude Oda wtf is this shit.
Like seriously, we had a full crew of zoan members and three calamity, none of them HAD AWAKENING BUT FUCKING KAKU AND LUCCI HAVE THEM??
FUCK EVEN KAIDO DIDN`T HAD THEM, do you really want to fuck me up, fuck this shit Oda...

Let fly to Japan, who joins me?
@Hanzo hattori , @MonsterKaido , @EtenBoby , @Sasaki Kojirō , @TheAncientCenturion
That was the last straw for me.

"I'm ODA and I want to be unpredictable", hihihi,huhuhu.


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Because he's an Oni lol. To normal fodders he must've been a god. Also, BM clapped Giant warriors at the age of 5. She knew Jack shit about fighting. They simply got lucky.
nah man BM really showed a good mastery of her DF by making all these combinations with her homies also Kaido showed he can fight, u saying he is trash like he got one shotted or something...
If Kumas fruit is to turn non physical things into physical things. How does he teleport people and himself? How is that now related? And does that mean he can turn other abstract things into physical things, like time or life(force), etc. because if he can do that, we clearly have a new winner for most OP fruit.
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