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I just wanted to remind you guys of my theory about Pluto
It deserves more recognition
I did around 5 minutes of research
You know who’s the most sus character in fiction?
It’s Pluto

We have a talking Mouse, Duck, DOGS, Cow etc. but what is Pluto? A normal dog? Or did he have a tragic past and can’t speak? Or is he a spy?
So many questions
Okay I did some research
He made his debut in "The Chain Gang"
This film was aired in 1930
The Chain Gang = TCG = Training Card Game
1930 = 1+ 9 + 3 + 0 = 13 -> bad luck or misfortune
So Walt Disney was like: "I’m gonna release a TCG with Pluto and the kids will buy it so much that their parents will have no money left. I will cause another crisis, no household will be stable and they will become my slaves -> CHAIN Gang"

We’re lucky that Pluto wasn’t lovable enough
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