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Lance posted :shocking: and :carrocorn: as well as :fransuper: right after @Gladwing0 (a franky fan) said Carrot is confirmed as the lookout this chapter. All can be found in the waitinf room.

I feel it in my bones
Imagine if it turned out Carrot never went to Zou and was actually residing on the Sunny in some closed off room never to be mentioned until now :luffylaugh:
?? And this was Lucci post Nika fight

Post Nika fight Lucci:
- very healthy, healthy enough to battle Stussy throughout the whole chapter
- still acting smugly. He was more scared when Stussy betrayed them and took out Kaku than when witnessing Gear 5 Nika
- didn't acknowledge Luffy as Emperor
- it was 1 vs 1 yet Luffy ran away leaving Sentomaru behind

Post base Zoro fight Kaku:
- tired and damaged enough he got one shotted by Stussy
- never downplayed Zoro in fact he sweating bullet right after he saw Zoro woke up
- was 2 vs 7 but Zoro and Brook didn't let Thousand Sunny got a single scratch
Kaku << Lucci. Simple logic. No need to 'stretch' and 'twist' in a round way. He was 'scared' is biggest ever stretch.
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