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Cool and who was running to the lab? Zoro and brook correct? Which means they ended up running through the attacks and the debri caused by the serpahims correct? Exactly
When we see zoro and brook running towards the seraphim, they are aiming at the lab again.

NEVER they aimed at zoro and brook.
Lilith appears, S-Hawk aims a slash at her. Zoro blocks him and the clash happens.
Damage from regular attacks won't persist when Marco uses regeneration. Only Haki damage does. King's flames are working on Marco and damaged him, so it doesn't always apply. It's just that Big Mom's flames aren't strong enough for him.
Marco regen from attacks the same whether or not haki is being used
Haki doesn't stop his regen or effect it in any way

Marco clashed with Prometheus/big mom's attack with his own. He wasnt letting them hit him

Kings normal fire isn't anything special
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